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The Many Faces of Liberating Education

Where are our areas of action? Wherever good works are needed…

The sisters of the Congregation de Notre-Dame share in the spirituality of Marguerite Bourgeoys and express solidarity by freely going to the peripheries to serve people and the Church. In the name of liberating education, each sister offers her particular gifts in order to fulfill whatever needs she perceives around her. By joining their talents, the sisters contribute to the mission together. Whatever their age or health condition, they continue their mission through action or prayer and remain ready for service.

Carried out on four continents, the work of the Congregation is multi-faceted: teaching in schools, supporting women’s issues, pastoral ministries, serving the Congregation, social justice, protecting creation, preserving memory, promoting vocation, …

I compare this community to a square in a large garden… [that] the Gardener has kept for Himself to set out a number of plants and flowers. In this little garden, they are all different in color, in savor, in fragrance. […]The sisters of the Congregation are as so many plants which occupy one of these squares in the garden.

The Writings of Marguerite Bourgeoys

Sister Bertha Lilian Barrera Ramírez, CND, caring for the environment

Sister Lilian works in pastoral ministry, helps families in need and plants trees!

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Sister Maura Mc Grath, CND, caring about refugees

Sister Maura sits on the Board of Directors of Action Réfugiés and works with vulnerable migrants.

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Sister Jaculyn Hanrahan, CND, Director of the Appalachian Faith and Ecology Center

In the name of her faith, Sister Jaculyn seeks to raise a profound awareness about ecological issues that affect the Appalachian Mountains and the planet.

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Sister Patricia Flattery, CND, Representative to the United Nations and to UNANIMA International

Sister Patricia says that living in community as a CND is serving her well in her new ministry at the United Nations where she represents the Congrégation de Notre-Dame.

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Sister Denise Brunelle, CND, Give the Power Back to the People

Sister Denise responds to the calls of the community and of the people in her neighbourhood.

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Sister Mengue Évangéline, CND, the Meyomessala orchardist

With a group of young people, Sister Évangéline grows trees that benefit the local community.

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