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Daily life

In prayer

Our days are lived in a spirit of personal and communal prayer. We are invited to participate in the Eucharist on a daily basis. It is each one’s responsibility to nurture moments of personal contemplation; and each one in turn leads times of communal prayer. An annual retreat allows us to deepen our understanding of our commitment.

Magnificat is a song of joy! (Click to hear the Sisters sing the Magnificat)

In community

To live in community is to seek to grow with other people in the midst of our diversity and the common faith that unites us. We want to form intercultural communities. We have a model: the life of Jesus, who went off the beaten path to reach out to others.

Each one is involved according to her talents and personality. Daily tasks are carried out in a spirit of mutual aid and sharing. There is no greater or lesser task; the slightest service is valued. Through prayer and work, each sister enriches the life of the community.

The Sisters must labour to make themselves knowledgeable and skillful at all sorts of work…

Writings of Marguerite Bourgeoys p. 68

In service

Each one discovers her call and develops her talents. In community or parish work, in teaching, in social initiatives, in accounting or in any other employment, each facet of the sisters’ work becomes liberating education.

Concerned by the challenges of today’s world, we act in solidarity with vulnerable populations and with respect for our planet.

Having God present in everything we do so as to please Him alone.

Writings of Marguerite Bourgeoys p. 64

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