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Vocation: A loving relationship with God

Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame work in joy, compassion and hope. Following Marguerite Bourgeoys they continue her mission of liberating education. In a spirit of service, they are committed to building a more just and more inclusive world.

To become a sister of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame is to hear this call resonate in me, to dare to open my heart so that I may…

Within the Congrégation de Notre-Dame, I pray, deepen my faith and discover, through the spirit of Visitation and of Pentecost, the importance of encounter, listening, being present and involved.

I learn to know myself, I get involved and I grow. I am inspired by the wisdom of the sisters who have preceded me. I contribute to the mission and cooperate with that of others.

I compare this community to a square in a large garden … as small as it is, [it] does not fail to be one of those little squares the Gardener has kept for Himself to set out a number of plants and flowers. In this little garden, they are all different in color, in [flavour], in fragrance.

Writings of Marguerite Bourgeoys p. 63

A sister’s journey

Discernment: “Come and See”

A daring young woman of faith nurtures her dreams and decides to see for herself, to ask questions and seek understanding. She meets the sisters and shares some activities with them. She discovers a welcoming world.

Candidacy: “Come and Live”

She wants to be more involved, to better know the sisters. She is now a candidate. She shares her daily life with the sisters while continuing her personal development. She is involved in the community life, the prayer life and the ministry of liberating education. She lives her faith and values.

Novitiate: “Come and Deepen”

In the heart of our candidate, a profound desire to know God better continues to grow. God calls her and she responds without hesitation. She enters the novitiate and proudly introduces herself as Sister. Inspired by the charism of Marguerite Bourgeoys, she embraces what it means to be a religious and begins a formation period to prepare for life lived in community and mission according to the spirituality of the Congregation.

Religious Profession: “Come and Be”

Our novice continues on her path. Her will is strengthened and she wants to dedicate herself fully to God. She pronounces her vows, the paths to committed freedom.

In constant dialogue with a mentor, she undertakes a discernment in order to better understand the life God desires for her; she deepens her inner freedom in order to better dedicate herself to God’s mission, with others.

A version of this same story has been written by each one of the sisters … And so many chapters have still to be written!

First Vows Ceremony

To Contact a Sister about Religious Vocation

There is always someone waiting with the door open and the light on… We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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