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Mary, Woman For Today

Della Gaudet, CND


Suddenly, I don’t want an image of blue veils,

lowered eyes and folded hands anymore !

I want an image of Mary that is alive and dynamic…

I want an image of the woman going to the village well

with the other women, a water-jar on her head,

attentive to each one who needed someone to talk to.


I want an image of the woman who had to go to market

to buy food for the family, and who experienced the pinch

when Roman taxes got out of hand.


I want an image of the woman who struggled so hard

to understand her son who seemed bent on getting himself killed

by the reckless way he challenged the religious authorities.


I want an image of the woman who stood by him to the end

not knowing for sure how he would be vindicated

but trusting that he would be.


I want an image of the woman in intense discussion

with the disciples, fearlessly adding her view and opinions

how to respond to the Spirit’s leading in the new-found Church.


I want an image of the woman fully present to the Church today

deeply concerned and compassionate about the way

her sons and daughters treat each other.


I want to know her as my mother

making for her a home in my heart as did the beloved disciple,

if only... if only I would let go... just a little. 


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