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Matinée Anyone?

We are grateful for our re-assembling. We resumed our daily community dining (hi-lighting our disk jockey, Sr. Monica McKenna), informal get-togethers, birthday celebrations, spontaneous gatherings, weekly sing-a-longs (featuring our resident musician Sr. Violet Belair) and our delightful Matinées, etc. 

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Cycling With Sisters

Last Saturday we participated in a life-giving event on PEI, Cycling with Sisters. Thanks to the planning of Sisters Sue, Libby and their committee everything went very well. Since then, I have been reflecting on the imagery contained in the expression “Cycling with Sisters.” Although we may not go down in history as being noted for promoting cycling it does contain rich imagery for today.

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October 7, 1640: Invitation to Compassion

One of the most intriguing passages of the autograph [writings] is Marguerite's account of the Rosary Procession of 1640.  There are three different versions of it, adding a detail here, omitting one there, but substantially the same as to the moment and its sequel.  Nowhere does she speak of a vision or an apparition.  Yet she has no doubt about the spiritual nature of the experience or its Marian quality. She was moved so powerfully at the sight of a Madonna she had seen many times before that she was utterly changed.  She was no longer the same person to her family and friends. 

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